The Asian Box (Baner) – Reviewed

This the second baby after the 4 years old Koregaon park branch, from the passionate couple Priya and Dheeraj. They moved to Pune from Singapore almost a decade ago. They felt that Pune lacked in good authentic place for the Asian cuisine. And this gave an idea to start an outlet in Koregaon Park. After successful run through they started the newest branch in Baner.

The motto of the Asian Box is to serve the authentic and rich Asian Cuisine with all the fresh ingredients, Dheeraj quoted “We want to create that fresh, made-to-order experience in an authentic, healthy way.”

The B Team was for the exclusive tasting some of their bar menu which they are planing
As it was a dry day we had to settle with Mocktails,

Lemongrass Ginger Caipiroska: It had Strong flavors of muddled pieces of ginger at the base and with a little hint of spice. Ginger pieces could have been little finely shredded then its would be nice and refreshing drink to start the evening.

Appletini: I like this drink very much as it had perfect balance of Apple sweetness and Cinnamon’s flavour.

The Thai Lettuce Wraps (Tofu): It was deconstructed salad with minced tofu wok tossed in red chilies and basil and served with iceberg Lettuce.

Cheese Lumpia: To those unfamiliar, lumpia is the Filipino term for spring rolls. It’s a very versatile dish that can be filled with anything–meat, seafood, veggies, combination of all three, fruits, jams, even cheese. They are great as appetizers, side dish, and snacks. The cheese lumpia which was served was nice with light crunch but missed out with cheese filling.
If they can add a bit more of cheese then this will be awesome.

Mixed Veg. Dumpling: These small beauties were filled with finely chopped carrots, water chestnut and beans in a translucent cover. Perfect mouthful of portion size.

Crispy Veg Saffron: This was very different from the regular Veg Crispy you have it in the regular restaurant. The Vegetables wok tossed in Coconut Cream and Saffron.

It was the Sushi time: Crispy Asparagus Maki: The Asian Box has a live sushi counter with good number of veg and non-veg sushi to opt from. This particular Sushi was bit dry, although the flavors were good. If they keep it moist it will wonderful.


Black pepper claypot rice: Steam fragrant rice topped with hot black pepper sauce. Perfect for the winters and it’s a meal in itself.

Veg Khao Suey: It is one of their signatures dish and most recommended by the regulars. The Curry was addictive and it was a tray ful of condiments which goes well with the Khao Suey. The coconut milk made this Khao Suey creamy and tasty.


Pandan Panacotta: This was served cute looking small jars and mind it was so addictive we actually had to order more to fulfill our craving.

Banana & Nuttella Sushi with Vanilla Ice-cream: This can be avoided.

A big shout out to Svetlana for inviting us and Priya Kripalani Mahtani & Dheeraj Mahtani and Team Asian Box for hosting us.

Disclaimer: I was invited for a complimentary food tasting event. This blog is a narrative of my experience at the event. These are my views that I have expressed in the blog. Others are most welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The blog is not personally or commercially influenced. I have not lifted, copied or plagiarised it from any source either. However, I have done my due diligence via publicly available information on the internet and as shared by the client/PR agency.


Rosso Bianco- Review

This place was on my wish list for quiet some time, Luckily A day before I saw post on FB on the #PEO #Wednesday Meetup, immediately reserved my seat. I saw I was on the waiting list but evening, my seat was confirmed.

Reached there on time 8pm, Looking at the place I was surprised although small place but much talked and appreciated about the food and the service in all the forums.
As the we Settled down for the evening, introduced ourself (as it was not needed being all foodie’s !!! ) and the Starters were placed on the table.
Starters : Panner Skewers: Mouth melting Panner on the skewers along with Capsicum and nicely marinated.
Chilli Cheese Toast: Freshly baked Panini bread with nice colourful toppings of Capsicum, Green chilly, onion served with a dip.
Then comes the BIG Pizza OMG 24′ Pizza fully loaded with all the toppings fresh and hot, covers the whole table at a time, and needed stomach to finish this all…. we were almost 10 of us and it was much easier to finish this whole thing….
In between we were discussing about the legendary outlets in and around Pune and the their little secrets of success, while we were sipping some coolers like Lemon Ice tea, Peach Ice tea, Lemonade, Blue Lagoon, Currant Cooler…. 
We also tried our spoons on some other dishes like Pesto Veg, Pink Sauce Veg, and Lasagne Al Forno, Everything was served hot and it was really excellent.
And the discussion shifted to the weirdest dishes served around the world!!! OMG that Monkey brain dish was hell…
Lastly we ordered for the Expresso Coffee Shots to end the Foodful journey of this meetup.
Food: Amazingly awesome.
Service: Quick and Efficient staff.
Staff: Nice and happy to serve.
Ambience: Small but nicely setup.
Value for Money: Absolutely worth….
Parking: At times it might be an issue due to busy main road.
* Special thanks to Aniruddha Patil and #TeamPEO Members it was pleasure sharing table
with you all.
Rosso Bianco In Pictures : 

The Ship Review

Yet another Successful foodie Meetup from Team Zomato…. that’s my 4th and counting on…. many more to come as promised by Vaishnavi Meghe !!!!
It was a raining since evening but, we the Foodies for the night really didn’t have to worry at all, as we were Sailing in the same Ship!!!!

Due to rains and the traffic conditions we kicked off bit late but had a great time by the end of our foodie meetup journey.

Lot many glass and mugs were clinked and many were chugged out without any brain freeze looking at them some of them just said those three magical words ‘FTW’!!!

Cocktails and Mocktails for the night: Ping Pong, Summer Melon, Popsicle Cosmopolitan, Tender coconut Mojito, Ko Ko Kanu Colanda, 1 Litre DIY LIIT and the Star of the Show ‘Pirate Skull Pot’ (Ref Pic) that was one hell of a Drink. (Please ask for the details of the combination of Spirits for the above mentioned drinks)

As the ship sailed us from one destination to another….. we anchored our Second stop at the Staters: In the Veg Platter: Onion rings were bit greasy and was missing some spices.
Baked potato skin Cheese can be used of some different brand or quality as the cheese was very chewy.
Hummus and Pita Bread was good in taste nicely blended with spices.

The Main course order: Thai green Curry: Color and aroma were intact the only problem which can be rectified was about the spiciness and make it slightly thinner.
I tried bites of Vodka Risotto which again turned out to be good in taste with combination.

Last Port of our journey was of Desserts: Tres Leches: It’s also knowns ‘Three milk Bread’ one the best desserts of the night.
Churros with Chocolate : I am definately going again to this place for this dessert. It was nicely served in a Rectangular shape box with a Chocolate sauce. Churros were mouth melting warm it was just heaven.
Paan Ice Cream (out of the Fixed menu) : This was again the must have types for the sweet tooth foodies.

Overall it was total fun with fellow foodies and it was honor to share a table with them.


Food: Very nice food served but with little correction it can be wonders. Nice place to have good food with amazing variety of Cocktails and Mocktails.

Service: Pretty Quick no issues at all.

Staff : Very helpful and suggestive and most important well informed about what’s going on the table.

Ambience: English style Pub with Wooden flooring, nice Music playing in background with a dim lighting atmosphere.

Value for Money: As we ended our journey of the meetup we had a word with the owner himself a very down to earth person, he informed us how he went revamping the whole place including the prices were reduced by 35-40% of everything on the menu. It was totally a rebirth of a place and worth trying.

* I personally Thank you Everyone from the Team Zomato, Host for the Meetup Owner of The Ship and My Fellow Foodies for letting be the part of this Meetup.