China Grill – Restaurant Review.


Chinese cuisine is an important part of Chinese culture, which includes cuisine originating from the diverse regions of China, as well as from Chinese people in other parts of the world. Because of the Chinese diaspora, Chinese cuisine has influenced many other cuisines in Asia, while modifications made to cater the local palate.

The preference for seasoning and cooking techniques of Chinese provinces depend on differences in historical background and ethnic groups. Geographic features including mountains, rivers, forests and deserts also have a strong effect on the local available ingredients, considering climate of China varies from tropical in the south to subarctic in the northeast. Imperial, royal and noble preference also plays a role in the change of Chinese cuisines. Because of imperial expansion and trading, ingredients and cooking techniques from other cultures are integrated into Chinese cuisines over time.

The ancient Taoist principle of Yin and Yang in which balance and contrast are the key. Each Chinese dish reflects a balance of taste, texture, aroma and colour. Be it sweet, sour, pungent, hot, salty or spicy – all the six basic flavours are incorporated deftly in all Chinese dishes.

Indian Chinese cuisine is the adaptation of Chinese seasoning and cooking techniques to Indian tastes through a larger offering of vegetarian dishes. The Indian Chinese cuisine is said to have been developed by the small Chinese community that has lived in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) for over a century. Today, Chinese food is an integral part of the Indian culinary scene. It is also enjoyed by Indian and Chinese communities in Malaysia, Singapore and North America.

Chill Grill Brand comes from the Family of the legendary Chinese Room Restaurant (East Street). The four times in a row award winner of the World Famous Restaurants International USA Award Chinese Room, is one of the oldest Chinese Restaurants in Pune. It was started in 1976 and has completed 40 years. The restaurant has always been well ahead of its time and has maintained its iconic status through continuous innovation in the menus and service. The exquisite food is a blend of imported aromatic spices, mesmerizing fragrances, elusive oils, blissful sauces and delicious recipes. The authenticity of Chinese food along with tastes to match the Indian taste bud is represented at Chinese Room.

China Grill started its first restaurant in Wanowrie 10 years back and Riding on the success of the Wanowrie branch, China Grill is back, this time at Viman Nagar! Offering the best quality Chinese ingredients, do not miss out on the seafood here! Not only that, China Grill also brings to you North Indian dishes, to satisfy the Indian palate. All of this under one roof. Deciding where to dine has never been easier!

China Grill’s newest outlet in Viman Nagar is a fine dining branch. Owing to its sophisticated décor and interiors, the restaurants gives a quality experience to its customers. The restaurant comes with a beautiful banquet hall on its second level which is ideal for all your special occasions. China grill serves Authentic Chinese food similar to its other branches. In addition to its scrumptious menu, China Grill has also added Authentic Indian cuisine to its food options.

The food we had out here at the Viman Nagar Branch as follows:

We started with some Drinks to cool us down so ordered Blue Lagoon and Paradise Island. They have an elaborated menu for both the Food and for the Drinks to suits every ones palate.

For starters:

Sesame Toast Vegetable: Nice crispy golden brown bread triangles. Yummy in taste. #Musthave.

Corn Curd Mongolian: Very unique dish and one of the signature dish of China Grill. This dish goes through all basic cooking then refrigerating and then frying to get the exact texture without loosing the aroma and taste. It can be enjoyed with Schezwan sauce.

Paneer Tikka: Big square pieces of tender soft Paneer marinated with tikka masala served with Mint chutney. This is one of the Indian Signature dish of the China grill.

Main course:


Vegetables in Hunan sauce: This was nice and served in a huge portion which goes well with Veg Fried Rice. Chunky pieces of vegetables tossed in Hunan Sauce with a perfect thickness of Gravy.


In Roti I tried the Cheese Garlic Naan: Nicely presented and good in taste.


Dessert: Sizzling Brownie with Vanilla Ice-Cream: The only different thing was instead of a scoop, a big slab of Vanilla Ice-cream was placed.

Overall… It was an wonderful experience of having a quick lunch and total Value for Money.

P.S. : Along with their fancy fine dine restaurant China Grill Viman Nagar also has a luxurious banquet facility to host all your important events. Housing a maximum of 200 people our banquet hall is ideal for a birthday party, company event, get togethers, pre/ post wedding celebrations and weekly kitties. Centrally air conditioned and one of the few places where stags are allowed we also offer you with an outdoor seating, smoking area and free wifi. Apart from these services we would be glad to add to your celebrations with tonnes of scrumptious food, a beautifully done up space, foot tapping beats topped off with a classic selection of alcohol. They have basic pre curated Menus to choose from or if you have a budget in mind even that can be worked out as per your need and choice.

Rajdhani- “Aamlicious” the Mango Festival.


Rajdhani, The Vegetarian Thali Restaurant which is the flagship brand of Mirah Hospitality has spread its aroma in this industry over the past few decades. Known as a “thali place” with 72 different rotating menus with 22,464 delicacies from Gujarat and Rajasthan, Rajdhani gives even the most regular customers out of more than 9 million delighted guests with the flavour of novelty.

Brand Promise:

The brand has been in existence for over five decades and is renowned for its commitment to authentic& hygienic food, and good service.


With a fast pace expansion and over-whelming response by millions across the country, Rajdhani Restaurants has over 28 locations across India and is also present in the Middle East. Come to Rajdhani to savour the taste of tradition.

Rajdhani has one more Brand which serves the Food from the Royal Kitchen.


An exotic vegetarian, royal gourmet Indian meal

Rasovara brings to you, centuries later, the magical food from the palaces. They have spent long months digging into the secrets of the mystical royal kitchens of Rajasthan and Gujarat. They have traced the lineage of the shahi khansamas and dug out precious information from their attics. After months and months of work, they were generously rewarded with a treasure trove of recipes and tradition. They have carefully handpicked the recipes for the us and present it to us on a platter. Right here at Rasovara. Everything you will touch, feel and taste here is a leaf straight out of royalty and a unique experience of India’s rich gastronomic legacy.

Aamlicious – Mango Festival at Rajdhani: Its a two months long festival and serving some blissful Mango flavours delicacies. If you are Mango Lover you should not miss this festival.

Lets start with some Mango Trivia: The variety is named after Afonso de Albuquerque, a Portuguese general and military expert who helped establish Portuguese colonies in India. The Portuguese introduced grafting on mango trees to produce extraordinary varieties like Alphonso. The fruit was then introduced to the Konkan region in Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat and some parts of southern states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. (Wiki) 


There was a display counter where all the food items were kept with all the name tags to it. As almost everything had an Mango in it, no matter it is a Kachi Kairi (Raw Mango) or the Ripened Mango.

The Details of the todays menu as follows:

Welcome Drink: Aam Thandai and Kairi Panna: Both were good, Thandai was loaded with dry-fruits and the Kairi Panna was just refreshing and appetising.


Farsan: 1. Kairi Stuffed bread Roll: Perfect soft and crispy with a twisted taste of kacchi Kairi with a combination to Indian spices made this Farsan one of the best of the lot.

2. Mango Dry-fruit Ghugra: Loaded with dry-fruits with a nice crunchy cover. It was good in taste.


3. Shahi Aam Dhokla: Three layer Dhokla was bit stiffer compare to the regular Dhokla, for which the feedback was given.

4. Chatpata Kacchi Kairi Muthiya: Bright red colour marinated with all the tangy spices, those who have a taste developed for it they will relish it.


Special of the Day: Mango Dal Dhokli: Although the Dhokli was less, it was served hot and the taste wise it was amazing. Nice consistency of the dal with perfect sweetness to it.


Vegetables: 1. Arbi Mango Rassawala: It had very similar taste to the Dahi wale Gatte ki Subji. Almost all the ingredient were similar.

2. Aam aur Pyaaz ki Subji: Bit oily. Feedback given.


3. Kaddu Kairi ka Bharta: This was the best of the lot. Perfect in taste and had it was a dry Subji.


4. Aam ki Launji: Aam ki launji is essentially a pickle type Rajasthani chutney made by cooking raw green mango pieces with basic Indian cooking spices and sugar. Generally eaten with the Khoba Roti.


Dal/ Kadhi: Malabari Mango Kadhi: This was just not right!!! Ripen Mango in a Kadhi. I suggested them to make it with the Pakoda with Kacchi Kairi Stuffing, which they also  agreed and said they would definitely give it a try to this option.


Khichadi and Mango Pulav: Khichadi was the regular signature taste soft and soothing Khichadi, on the other hand Mango Pulav was rich in taste and the small mango pieces gave a sweet taste to the Pulav. Although the Pulav had lots of Dry-Fruits as well but Mango gave a distinct taste to it.


Raita: Mango Pachadi: Finely shredded raw mango mixed with fresh yogurt with strong indian spices like hing and mustard seeds.


Desserts:  Aamras and Aamrakhand: Both were just perfect. Right amount to sweetness along with perfect consistency.


This Festival thali is charged at Rs 399/-. It will continue till May end. 

Thali with full Details:

Rajdhani ThaliIMG_1787

Some More Pictures to drool:

Rajdhani Details:

Facebook link.




This was Food Tasting invite for the ongoing Mango Festival. Big Shout out to Lazeez Stories  and Reach out

Oregano -Restaurant Review

Oregano is one of the restaurant at Ambience hotel Model colony which serves pure Veg Italian Cuisine.

Apart from their regular menu they also have an option of Italian Set Buffet system with limited desserts option, but every thing is served on the table you don’t have to run around.

They serve the Indian cuisine as well from the Aroma Restaurant which is an rooftop restaurant. So it’s a kind of a package deal.

We opted for the set menu which has the following:

Soups: Two variants: Minestrone- perfect combination of fresh seasonal vegetables, Basil, Pasta and Parmesan Cheese in hot and tangy Tomato Broth.


Cream Of Broccoli: Thick and fresh broccoli with added cream which gave creamer and soothing taste to it.


Salads: Italian Salad: Fresh Lettuce, Apple, Diced Carrots, Cucumber, Pineapple chunks, for the spice some freshly cut bell peppers, dressed with Honey Dijon’s Mustard. Overall a healthy package. #Unlimitedservings


Starters: Bruschetta Al Pomodoro: Simple and basic style of serving, French Baguette topped with fresh Tomato, Basil, drizzled olive oil, garlic and feta cheese. #Unlimitedservings

Cajun Spiced Potato: Potato Wedges, flavoured with rosemary tossed in Cajun sauce, bit on the oiler side but taste wise it’s good. #Unlimitedservings

Pizza: it’s a kind of DIY pizza with any number of toppings on the 10′ thin crust, they good option to choose from the list of toppings. You can request them to drizzle less olive oil with toppings, the pizza which was served to us had this issue which was informed to the courteous manager who was ready to change it immediately. Crust wise it was perfect not over or under baked. #Unlimitedservings

Pasta: Again on the Similar lines of Pizza, this was DIY or create your own pasta, with the options of Basic, Pink, Arrabbiata, Alfredo, and Basil Pesto sauce. Along with your voice of pasta and the vegetables to add on. We opted for the penne in pink sauce with some fresh veggies. Nice and cheesy.

Dessert: Chocolate Mousse: Smooth and served with chocolate chips. Nice and perfect in taste not too sweet not to bland. #LimitedServing.


Pannacotta (STRAWBERRY): Served in a cup so couldn’t figure out how wobbly it was was but while taking the scoop it was light and smooth enough. Taste wise it was not that mouth melting but ok types.
Strawberry part was just the top layer and again it was just the Strawberry flavour jelly which was added to it while setting up the Pannacotta.




Food: It was good although apart from some if and buts but definitely worth a try.

Service: Pretty quick no issues.

Staff: Very polite and courteous.

Ambience: Perfect for the family and group. Comfortable sitting area, clean ambience.

Value for money: very reasonable. The above menu was 550/- ++ which comes to 595/- per person. It’s a worth a deal.


Address: The Ambience Hotel, CTS 1105/2, Lakaki Road, Model Colony, Pune.

Contact: 020 30189929

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Sirka – Multi Cuisine Restaurant-Review

SIRKA Review: 




Sirka means Vinegar in Hindi. This place is tucked in the by lane of Baner-Pashan Link road. Small outlet but serving delicious food. The owner himself with an IT background quit his job to concentrate on his passion full-time and created a brand a called “Sirka”. He is very jovial and happy go lucky person at the same time he is very serious when it come to quality, quantity and service is concern. 

There was an invite for two, from the Marketing person and the owner himself for food tasting. We fixed up an date and time and the table was reserved for us. 

We started the evening with warm Soups, 

  1. Veg Manchow Soup: Generally if you have Manchow soup in other restaurant at times it happens that the spiciness and the quantity of ginger is more which gives you a burning sensation through out, but this soup was so perfectly made which had controlled spiciness and the ginger quantity was as well balanced the overall taste of the soup. #MustTry. 
  2. Lemon Coriander Soup: Warm coriander infused water with a lemon and some finely chopped boiled vegetables. This soup has the delicate flavours from the stock and the vegetables. The carrot and squash give it a mild sweetness that balanced the lemon and the chili perfectly. Surely, something comforting to whet your appetite in the winters and a healthy dish to add to your repertoire for the other times of the year. This soup had no cornstarch added to it which made more healthier option. 
  3. Starters : We asked the staff which is the best Veg Starters ( Indian) he suggested the Panner Nawabi Tikka: Nice big square pieces of Panner marinated and perfectly cooked in tandoor and served with sprinkled chaat masala and grated Cheese. Chaat Masala has it’s own strong flavours including the salt content, due to which it was tasting bit salted, which was informed.
  4. Main Course: Paneer Lababdar and Veg Jalfrezi: Lababdar Paneer was soft and was  creamy and aromatic. Cottage cheese cooked with tomato puree, varied spices, kasoori methi and a hearty dollop of cream and butter #MustHave.
    Vegetable Jalfrezi: is an amazing dish made with a combination of various vegetables and spicesJalfrezi is also known as Zalfrezi or Jhal frezi and is a favorite dish among the vegetarians. A mildly spiced colorful curry packed with goodness of Mixed vegetables in tomato base. Soft Paneer, crunchy bell peppers and distinctive vegetable flavors makes it a mouth-watering side dish for Roti. The curry is not a liquid gravy type dish but kind of semi solid gravy that coats the vegetables and Paneer. #Recommended 
  5.  Dal Khichadi: Thats the perfect dish to end the Main course.  Hot, Flavourful, and Soothing with a dollop of butter to it. #MustTry
  6. Desserts: We ordered Gulab Jamun: Three Medium size hot and mouth melting Gulab Jamun… they were so soft, we actually tried hard to take bite but failed !! #Musthave

We had finished the dinner but just before that Rohan insisted to try the Brownie Breaker one of the favourite of Sirka.  Warm Walnut brownie, bit crunchy and with two scoops of Vanilla Ice cream. We could have missed it if Rohan didn’t have insisted. #Musthave

To sum it up.. Value for money and Amazing quality and Delicious food… 

***In Afternoon they do have Small Value Combos and Wraps which are not only just pocket friendly but filling as well. 

Sirka’s Journey started a year and half ago with lot of alteration and changes in the menu were done. But current menu is the best and crisp. they have included all the items which are ordered and are favourite of any restaurant goers. They might not have any fancy looking dishes or exotic items to serve, but menu has the best items which are frequently  ordered.   


Food: Quality and Quantity was perfect and the Taste and authenticity was also intact. 

Service and Staff: Pretty good no issues at all. 

Ambience: Small but really comfortable sitting area. 

Value for Money: Purely pocket friendly if you look from the point of view of the quantity they are serving. 

Thank you Team Sirka for Hosting us. 


Classé – The Cooking Culture – Reviewed – Mariplex Mall

In recent times Pune has witnessed many new Føod joints and restaurants blooming up all over the city limits and beyond that as well. Restaurant owners and the staff including the chef takes the utmost care and invest lots of efforts to setup an conceptual restaurant leaving no stone unturned

Fine dining experience is all together an different experience, we have seen fine dining for veg and non-veg mix. But newly opened, Classe is really a class apart its just for the pure veg fine dining restaurant. They offer 7-10-15-21 course meals finely curated by their chef.

We were invited for the food tasting event just before they open their doors to the foodie patrons.

There was 10 course set meal menu specially selected for the evening.

We began our journey with a little chit chat with the fellow foodies along with the
-Course 1
Mocktail-Beesting: This was a mixture of strawberry syrup, apple juice, cranberry juice, lemon juice fizzed up with sprite.


-Course 2
Soup-Smoked cheese and paprika: nice, warm and soothing in taste. With proper consistency this was a good start.


-Course 3
Chana Masala Wonton Chaat: Deep fried wontons filled with chapati chana masala filling topped with shredded beetroot and carrots along with a mint chutney and sev to tickle your tastebuds. Nicely decorated and plated.


-Course 4
Spinach Charp: Spongy and spiced cottage cheese filled with spinach served with Masala Hummus dip.


-Course 5
Dan Dan Noodles: Noodles served with the peanut sauce along with veggies and pepper served in a deep fried katori. Noodles were basic but the peanut sauce kept the adventure on.


-Course 6
Tortilla Romano: This was served with Crispy herbed french loaf. Black olive tortilla cooked in red pepper, sun dried tomatoes along with tomato puree, cream and cheese sauce. An overall a tangy affair.


-Course 7 and 8
Pahadi Panner Romani and Badshahi Nazakat: Pahadi Panner was a green gravy infused and cooked in a clay pot with creamy spinach and basil curry.

Badshahi Nazakat- Its a Lucknowi Korma Curry with fresh vegetable and with the richness in taste can be felt with your first bite. Served in deep fried katori.
This all was served with baby size assorted stuffed Kulchas and naans.


-Course 9
Hydrabadi Biryani and Salan: Milder, greener, and served warm along with Mirchi Salan. Biryani can be enhanced in terms of aromatic and in add up spice to get the perfect taste. Salan had big pieces of mild chillies which compliments with biryani.


-Course 10
Coffee Dumpling Tiramisu: Moulded Tiramisu stuffed with Indian Dumpling, similar to Rosogulla. Dusted with fresh coffee powder.


After the nice and yummy food we had a little chat with the owners and the chef and the idea behind coming up with the such an amazing fine dining experience for the pure veg clientele.


Føod: Awesomely yummy, they are very serious about it!!!

Service: Perfect is the word…

Staff: very well trained… well mannered… class apart.

Ambience: Warm and privacy is of utmost importance.

Value for money: worth spending.

Parking: Mall parking.


Zomato Link

Google Maps

Address: Classé – The Cooking CultureGround Floor, Mariplex Mall, Kalyani Nagar, Pune. 

Contact : +91-7016283144.

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Rosso Bianco- Review

This place was on my wish list for quiet some time, Luckily A day before I saw post on FB on the #PEO #Wednesday Meetup, immediately reserved my seat. I saw I was on the waiting list but evening, my seat was confirmed.

Reached there on time 8pm, Looking at the place I was surprised although small place but much talked and appreciated about the food and the service in all the forums.
As the we Settled down for the evening, introduced ourself (as it was not needed being all foodie’s !!! ) and the Starters were placed on the table.
Starters : Panner Skewers: Mouth melting Panner on the skewers along with Capsicum and nicely marinated.
Chilli Cheese Toast: Freshly baked Panini bread with nice colourful toppings of Capsicum, Green chilly, onion served with a dip.
Then comes the BIG Pizza OMG 24′ Pizza fully loaded with all the toppings fresh and hot, covers the whole table at a time, and needed stomach to finish this all…. we were almost 10 of us and it was much easier to finish this whole thing….
In between we were discussing about the legendary outlets in and around Pune and the their little secrets of success, while we were sipping some coolers like Lemon Ice tea, Peach Ice tea, Lemonade, Blue Lagoon, Currant Cooler…. 
We also tried our spoons on some other dishes like Pesto Veg, Pink Sauce Veg, and Lasagne Al Forno, Everything was served hot and it was really excellent.
And the discussion shifted to the weirdest dishes served around the world!!! OMG that Monkey brain dish was hell…
Lastly we ordered for the Expresso Coffee Shots to end the Foodful journey of this meetup.
Food: Amazingly awesome.
Service: Quick and Efficient staff.
Staff: Nice and happy to serve.
Ambience: Small but nicely setup.
Value for Money: Absolutely worth….
Parking: At times it might be an issue due to busy main road.
* Special thanks to Aniruddha Patil and #TeamPEO Members it was pleasure sharing table
with you all.
Rosso Bianco In Pictures :