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New Poona Bakery – Product Review.



New Poona Bakery (NPB) is one of the oldest and largest bakeries in central Pune. Known for its delicious cakes and mouth watering puff (pattice), it is popular amongst city’s youth. New Poona Bakery offers a large assortment of Cakes, Pastries, Cookies, Kharis, Breads, Toast.

They are one of the oldest and largest bakeries in central Pune. Started in year 1967 at Budhwar Peth, Pune. Well known for satisfying the taste buds of Puneites. Today the 3rd generation is managing the business with completely new perspective of modernisation & management.

For ever increasing demand they have expanded the manufacturing capacity by establishing huge new factory setup at Wakad in 25,000 sq.feet area. Here they have separate unit to manufacture pure vegetarian baked products, so pure veg. from New Poona Bakery is really a 100% pure veg. most of the customer is aware of it and appreciate it a lot. The set up is to cater segment like institute, industries, IT sector, hotels and specialty caterers. Hardly there is anyone in Pune who don’t know New Poona Bakery (NPB).

Recently I received an Gift hamper of their lovely products. The delivery person was at my door by sharp 8am and he delivered the fresh products like:

1. Garma Garam Pattice : I have been eating these pattice since childhood. Nice crisp almost oil free with good amount of stuffing. Best for the Sunday family Chai time.

2. Fudge Brownies: I had never tried these before, These were really good, not too sweet not to dry.

3. Whole Wheat Toast: Toast are the one of the best products NPB have, Nice and crunchy, and you can have guilt free as there are made up of whole wheat.

4. Makkhan Khari: Their Khari is very different from the regular khari which you can buy from the local market. Taste wise it has little sweet taste and the crunch makes it different from the others.

5. Special Toasted Butter Buns: I have eaten toasted buns from Kolhapur but now onwards these will be in my house. Perfectly baked, crunchy and very good in taste.

6. Butterscotch Cookies: I found bit hard at the centre and too greasy.

7. Authentic Maharashtrian Bhel or rather Puneri Bhel ( with Ready mix Packets Inside): These is perfect small family pouch for evening snacks. Kids loved the taste and its very easy to make. Very nicely packed.

Over the years NPB has introduced many new products without compromising the quality and the quantity and thats what the legends do. NPB is truly a Legendary Bakery on Pune.

A big shout out to Placet Services for sending the gift hamper.

New Poona Bakery Website


I received a complimentary food hamper. This blog is a narrative of my experience of the same. These are my views that I have expressed in the blog. Others are most welcome to agree or disagree with the same.

The blog is not personally or commercially influenced. I have not lifted, copied or plagiarized it from any source either. However, I have done my due diligence via publicly available information on the internet and as shared by the client/PR agency.



TJ’s Brew Works & Nudo Pizzeria- Reviewed.



I have heard this saying many times “Everyone would be healthier if they didn’t eat junk food”. But if I say now your Junk food has become healthy food… yes you read it right. We have half way in 2017 and TJ’s Brew Works is celebrating its 5th year, this July. The last 5 years have been enriching for TJ’s Brew Works, as it has also been responsible for brewing memories in many lives. In an endeavour to make healthy choices, TJ’s is tweaking and twisting the existing menu to incorporate spent grain dishes, a treasure trove of goodness, nutrition, taste and health. Spent grain is super rich in protein, fibre content and macronutrients.

TJ Venkateshwaran, fondly known as TJ, founder TJ’s Brew Works and partner Girish Monie met sometime back, and in a casual conversation discovered they shared similar ideologies while they were independently experimenting and innovating with healthy food choices in life. This resulted in a new collaboration where the duo decided to pursue their passions under the same roof with an already established commercial entity at TJ’s Brew Works.

Now Girish takes care of the Kitchen and TJ is taking care of the brewery.
TJ has introduced two new variants of Beer – TJ’s Quin B and TJ’s Buck B, made from super seeds Quinoa and Buckwheat respectively.
 TJ’s Brew Works wanted to give a new twist to the way people have always perceived these super foods, by introducing the two new beers that are Belly Good! 
Beer per se made from barley is the healthiest alcoholic beverage since it is natural. By replacing some proportions of barley with Quinoa or Buckwheat, the goodness of these seeds and health benefits of these ingredients now augment the beers without taking the essence out of the beer. Sounds healthy right!! And the healthy Saga continues in the food as well.


Nudo Pizzeria-

Nudo Pizzas at TJ’s Brew Works
 is another food revolution, with the introduction of Gluten Free, Grain Free and Guilt-Free Pizzas by Nudo Pizzeria Al Naturale, the brainchild of Girish Monie. 
Nudo pizzas are made with interesting Superfoods in their 5 Crusts; Almond, Buckwheat, Quinoa, Amaranth and Waterchestnut, Cauliflower and Whey Protein, with unusual sauces such as their Classic Red Tomato Marinara, Roasted Garlic White Sauce and Almond and Pine Nut with Basil – Green Pesto.
From its Signature list; Nude Farm Veg, is a Quinoa Crust Pizza with a Roasted Garlic White Sauce, Nudo Pepperoni, made with Amaranth Crust and Classic Red Tomato Marinara Sauce are some of the Nudo pizzas that are good for you and taste divine. Girish takes immense pleasure to introduce Nudo Pizzeria by giving indepth knowledge of how he achieved the perfect receipe of converting the Pizza as a Healthy pizza. These are some of his view about the same “NUDO lies skin deep. Nudo is a way of life imbibed into a culinary innovation. It roots for foods with innate goodness, stripped of any artificiality whatsoever. We have foregone grains in a bid to make it completely Gluten-Free. Nudo is all about Whole Foods, Real Foods, Super Foods.”

That’s so much of good food yet be eaten!!! Lets try out some of it.

We started the evening with the TJ’s new Brew Quin B and Buck B along with Beer infused Beer Cheese Soup.
I personally like the taste of Buck B more as it was more closer to the beer which gave a slight bitter after taste. As Quin B was on the milder side but it was refreshing in taste.


Next one was the nice colourful very well plated Russian Olivie Salad-This was with Pineapple, Beetroot, Peas, Sweet Potato and Carrots Yumm!!

Soup: Beer Cheese Soup : Nice Warm and cheesy with a hint of beer flavour. The thickness was also good.


They served us 2 veg and 2 non-veg Appetizers: Dark Malt Bao and TJ’s Spent Grain Pelmeni- As I earlier mentioned that Spent grain is the residue left over after the liquid is extracted from the malt during the brewing process. This residue is very healthy, super rich in protein, fibre content and a lot of macronutrients… which makes the Bao so delicious, that you just can’t have just one!! nice soft and juicy with Tofu filling inside with the tangy sauce. #Musthave





TJ’s Spent Grain Pelmeni- The Pelmeni are dumplings consisting of a filling wrapped in thin, unleavened dough. Its origin is from Siberia and it has its own variants in different cuisine in nearby countries. The Pelmeni which was served to us was bit greasy and chewy outer cover.


Main Course:

Mini Burgers (Cottage Cheese)- Burger patty was Juicy with soft and marinated cottage cheese with full of taste. As it was a Mini Burger you could finish at least two of them.


Spinach Wrap: Came in two variants Crispy Mushroom and Paneer Bhuna. Both the wraps were so beautifully placed on the plate, and they were huge, which is a good portion size for two. Taste wise I found Paneer Bhuna more flavorful. The Contrast color of chunky Paneer and the green wrap stands out the most of all the dishes.



Pizza: All the pizza crust are healthy and these are made from Buckwheat, Quinoa, Amaranth – Water chestnut, Almond, Cauliflower and Whey Protein. All the crust made on a daily basis and kept frozen. As of now they have 13′ inches pizza, but soon they will be introducing it other sizes as well.

The Pizza we tried were Buckwheat base Farm Veg, Amaranth Base Not Guilty Pizza, and Quinoa Base Margaritta. All the pizza had a very distinct taste of it own but never missed the White Flour taste, Infact these were more tasty and filling. Many of their toppings were organically grown and imported with a country specific. You can even make your own pizza and choose your toppings like Zucchini, Artichokes, Broccoli, Mushrooms, Bell Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes, Red Onions and so on. The guilt free part of the eating these pizza is that they make you full without harming your metabolism.


Caramalt Cookie Sandwich and Nudo Grain Free Brownie: warm and Chewy cookie with Vanilla Ice-cream with Soft and warm Brownie which had natural sweetners added.



Vegan Masala Pan Kulfi: A innovative dessert tried to replicate the taste of the regular masala pan flavor infused in a Kulfi form which is served on the gulkand stuffed roll of a pan.


This was the most guilt free food tasting I ever attended.

A big shout out to Svetlana for the Invitation and TJ Venkateshwaran of TJ’s and Girish from Nudo Pizzeria for Hosting us and introducing us to the healthy eating/drinking can be Delicious as well!!!




TJ’s Zomato Link

Address: East Block, Amanora Town Centre, Hadapsar Kharadi Bypass, Hadapsar, Pune.

Contact: 020 30163544. 

Timings: 12 PM to 1 AM
Parking: Mall Parking

Disclaimer: I was invited for a complimentary food tasting event. This blog is a narrative of my experience at the event. These are my views that I have expressed in the blog. Others are most welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The blog is not personally or commercially influenced. I have not lifted, copied or plagiarised it from any source either. However, I have done my due diligence via publicly available information on the internet and as shared by the client/PR agency

Earth Food Presents Abs Fashion Nite 2017.

Earth Food Associates With Abs Gym To Create A Pseudo Food Gym

29th March, 2017: Keeping up with their philosophy of good nutrition, healthy eating and a fit lifestyle, Earth Food by VTP Foods, today partnered with Abs Gym for their annual fashion night and displayed a first of its kind pseudo Food Gym. The company fabricated the look and feel of a gym where the equipments were made of Earth Food farm fresh produce.  The event saw a footfall of more than 1000 people at Corinthian Club, Pune.

Some innovations displayed at the event were red cabbage as a kettle bell, zucchini as skipping rope and tomatoes as dumbbells which created a lot of excitement amongst customers. They were seen clicking pictures with these never-seen-before gym equipments and having a gala time. For amplified engagement, Earth Food had two custom life-size cardboard cutouts of fitness fanatics and people were seen posing alongside those.  

It is a known fact that regular exercise coupled with healthy eating habits lead to a whole host of associated benefits like improved energy levels, reduced stress, reduced risk of metabolic syndrome and overall good health and a happy long life.  Earth Food is farmed in the most natural way known to man, so that it can bring harmony and wellness in life for all. 

Commenting on the occasion, Mr Nilesh Palresha, Executive Director, VTP Foods said, “Fitness and good food go hand in hand and do not work in isolation. Since Earth Food’s inception, our endeavor has been to bring to Punekars wholesome farm fresh produce so as to ensure overall wellbeing for our consumers. We are elated by the overwhelming response we received at the event and would keep doing such activities to spread awareness about health and fitness.”

I got a Chance to interact with Mr. Ravindra Patil (CEO Food and Agricultural Business Operations)– He shared all information about Earth Food and how it works to achieve the Farm to Fork concept without losing the freshness of the produce. 

They claim that the Supply Chain is divided into 10 steps and it is throughly checked at each stage. 

Stages :

  1. Crop Selection
  2. Land Preparation
  3. Seed Selection
  4. Seed Sowing
  5. Irrigation
  6. Crop Growth
  7. Harvesting
  8. Grading & Packaging
  9. Transportation
  10. Retail Outlet/Customer Delivery


As of now they have home delivery twice a week. But in the coming weeks they are planning to do it on a daily basis. This would help customers get farm fresh produce every day and help them to stay healthy. All deliveries are monitored and are taken utmost care of. Once the produce is harvested they are packed at their certified packaging house and then transported in air-conditioned vans. As the facility is 50Kms away from Pune, right from harvesting to the table it takes 8 Hrs. They strictly follow Global G.A.P. (Global Agricultural Practice) Practice. 

Their motive is to improve health by providing quality and fresh products to all customers for which they have a 100 acre farm at Malthan 50 Kms from Pune. Mr. Patil shared how farmers from the surrounding areas have started farming seeing Earth Food’s commitment. They are welcome at the farm to see, feel and understand how farm fresh produce are handled. Mr. Patil keeps sharing his expertise and knowledge with the farmers, thus helping the ecosystem to grow.  

Mr. Patil believes in “Good Health is the greatest wealth for every family. Hence we produce fresh, pure, Nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits in the most Eco-Friendly way. We use a healthy Mix of traditional methods and innovation to keep pollution and wastage to minimum. And we ensure that it is minimally touched by humans to avoid adulteration” 

He also mentioned that while they are trying to be cost effective, precaution is better than cure and so instead of paying exorbitant bills at the hospital later, it is important for people to start choosing healthy food for better health.

They have two options of buying the Fresh produce:

Jumbo Basket : Rs. 600.00

(Inclusive of shipping charges Rs. 50) Total weight : 5.4kg and Number of vegetables : 14


Healthy comes in all shapes and sizes. The Jumbo Basket from Earth Food sorts out all your vegetable needs in a jiffy, just like that! 14 fresh and crunchy vegetables in a basket that weighs 5.40 Kgs. is exactly what you need to dig into. You can also get the Jumbo Basket delivered straight from our farm to your home in a monthly subscription package of 4 baskets pet month. Now enjoy the healthiest nutrition yet for you and your family. Stay Healthy. Stay Happy!

Mini Basket :Rs. 400.00

(Inclusive of shipping charges Rs. 50) Total weight : 3.55kg and Number of vegetables : 12


Good things come in small packages. Presenting the Earth Food Mini Basket! It weighs 3.55 Kgs. and comes with an assortment of 12 deliciously nutritious hand-picked vegetables from our farms. You can subscribe to the Earth Food Mini Basket and get farm fresh vegetables delivered to your doorstep 4 times a month. So now, not only do you get the goodness of real healthy vegetables but we bring it right to you. Leave your vegetables needs to the vegetables experts and we’ll take care of the rest. Stay Healthy. Stay Happy!

Collaborating up with “Abs Gym and Fitness Training Centre” was like a win -win situation. All the Fitness enthusiast can now get farm fresh produce. Which help them to concentrate on the health in a complete way. (For detail Information please visit The Earth Food Website )

After interacting with Mr. Patil we had a glimpse of the Fashion Show from the reputed Fashion brands houses from Pune. Brands like “Stile by Gulam Ali” and “Kalakriti” 

In my opinion they have a very good opportunity in the future as Health is most important and Eating Healthy and Staying Healthy is what everyone is looking for.

A big shout out to Pallavi Roy from MSL Group for inviting me for the event. 

The Event Abs Fashion Nite 2017 was Organised by Abs Fitness and The Earth Food

along with Seagram’s Blenders Pride.

The Event in Pictures:

Four Fountain Labs – 8 A.M. Boost & 6X Green Tea Product Review


Four Fountains Labs is based on the inherent philosophy that it is possible to live healthy, full of vitality upto and beyond the age of 100. Most of the diseases today are chronic diet-related and stress-induced diseases. And research has shown that it is possible to prevent and also reverse these diseases with the help of right replenishment of key nutrients and managing stress. Based on this belief, we have used the advances in science to design products that will help us live a healthy, disease-free and long life.

Today, the chronic diet-related and stress-induced diseases are growing at an alarming rate. And for some of the diseases like hypertension, diabetes, heart disorders etc., Indians are at a much higher risk. Four Fountains Labs has designed these products that help reduce nutrient deficiencies and manage stress for a healthy and disease-free India

Products Details: 


1. 8 A.M. Boost – for reducing tiredness and fatigue

Commuting to work places, working for 10 to 12 hours daily, and handling a lot of work pressure, makes every working professional living in a metro city tired mentally and physically. A general feeling of being unwell or low energy can result in fatigue that needs to be managed in time. 

8 am boost contains two protein components L-Arginine and L-Citrulline, and vitamin C, all of which work together to improve blood circulation naturally and increases energy levels. A perfect natural remedy to beat fatigue!

8 AM Boost should be taken by everyone in the morning for full day energy.

How to use:

Open a sachet and pour the contents into a glass. Add 200 ml cold/normal water and your 8 AM Boost is ready.


2. 6X Green Tea – for flushing out toxins and weight loss

Obesity and weight gain is one of the biggest problem of urban India. 6X green tea is infused with high potency antioxidant that boosts metabolism and protects the body against free radicals oxidative stress. The antioxidant potential of 6X Green Tea is 6 times higher as compared to normal green tea.  Thus it is much more effective than normal green tea for weight loss.

Exposure to pollution, medicines, eating too much junk food and stress, altogether increase level of toxins in the body in the form of free radicals. The free radicals are reported to be the precursor for almost all lifestyle disorders including heart disease, cancer and diabetes

Consumption of 6X green time on regularly increases antioxidant levels in the body and flushes the toxins out. The best part it is devoid of caffeine and so can be consumed daily.

For any other green tea to be effective, you need to consume 4-5 cups in a day. With 6X Green Tea you just need to have one cup and that provides you all the antioxidants you need for a day.

How to use:

Open a sachet and pour the contents into a cup. Add 150 ml hot water and your 6X Green Tea is ready.

Product Review:

  • 8 A.M. Boost: This Small sachet contains magic with refreshing and tangy taste which kills the fatigue and give you a kick start for the upcoming day. This Drink has essential amino acids and loads of Vitamin C which helps you to get recharged for the day in minutes.

Drink Colour: refreshing yellow. 

Taste: Tangy, Lemony and perfectly sweetened.

Post Consumption: Refreshed and Energetic. 

Buy Here :

8 A.M. Boost 


  • 6X Green Tea (Lemon): Innovative way of making and drinking Green tea, the sachet weights about just 2.75g which detoxify the liver from harmful oxidative radicals and improves metabolic abnormalities associated with glucose and lipids, which helps to built up an heathy heart in long run.

Colour: Golden in Colour 

Taste : Lemony with soothing and refreshing. 

Post Consumption: Energetic and refreshed. 

Buy here:

Conclusion: I highly recommend to use products and here are the some information links for your help.  

Four Fountain Labs Product Review. 


Other Details: 

Four Fountain Labs Website:




Amazon Links: 6X Green Tea:

8 A.M. Boost:


This review is a narrative of my experience of the Product. The views expressed in this review are solely mine and others are more than welcome to agree or disagree with the same. Information used here are via publicly available information on the internet and Product Website.