Budapest . Vienna . Prague


14543757_10101227796094071_3880447278536124021_o Hungarian Parliament Building from the Danube

14500475_10101227796228801_590877613325574070_o Buda Castle and the Chain Bridge

14570517_10101227796218821_8482639085892462971_o St. Stephen’s Basillica

14560224_10101227810575051_8506189965362199455_o Széchenyi Thermal Bath

14612510_10101228579753611_6355969889556708487_o Matthias Church after the rain stopped

14566236_10101229918959831_2255615659035191935_o Rathaus

14615702_10101230943122401_5945831130740199272_o Schönbrunn Palace

14712800_10101231696861901_7919317232953604824_o Belvedere Palace

14633736_10101231903936921_3420101016047896134_o St. Stephen’s Cathedral

14589873_10101231903228341_5396609988251225610_o Inside St. Stephen’s Cathedral

14711390_10101231915054641_922451955049363044_o Museum Hundertwasser

14691449_10101231927404891_7728499663939974853_o Horses outside St. Stephen’s Cathedral

14691909_10101232014924501_3277377262686047239_o Inside the Vienna State Opera

14692023_10101233094790441_8413278930288129085_o Prague Festival of Lights

14608782_10101233918245231_4221431341732214991_o St. Vitus Cathedral

14753477_10101233925705281_2890076303737138324_o Old Town Square in Prague

14692053_10101233926563561_2942556510753579235_o Dancing House

14691190_10101233934337981_235905207837492160_o John Lennon Wall

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