Classé – The Cooking Culture – Reviewed – Mariplex Mall

In recent times Pune has witnessed many new Føod joints and restaurants blooming up all over the city limits and beyond that as well. Restaurant owners and the staff including the chef takes the utmost care and invest lots of efforts to setup an conceptual restaurant leaving no stone unturned

Fine dining experience is all together an different experience, we have seen fine dining for veg and non-veg mix. But newly opened, Classe is really a class apart its just for the pure veg fine dining restaurant. They offer 7-10-15-21 course meals finely curated by their chef.

We were invited for the food tasting event just before they open their doors to the foodie patrons.

There was 10 course set meal menu specially selected for the evening.

We began our journey with a little chit chat with the fellow foodies along with the
-Course 1
Mocktail-Beesting: This was a mixture of strawberry syrup, apple juice, cranberry juice, lemon juice fizzed up with sprite.


-Course 2
Soup-Smoked cheese and paprika: nice, warm and soothing in taste. With proper consistency this was a good start.


-Course 3
Chana Masala Wonton Chaat: Deep fried wontons filled with chapati chana masala filling topped with shredded beetroot and carrots along with a mint chutney and sev to tickle your tastebuds. Nicely decorated and plated.


-Course 4
Spinach Charp: Spongy and spiced cottage cheese filled with spinach served with Masala Hummus dip.


-Course 5
Dan Dan Noodles: Noodles served with the peanut sauce along with veggies and pepper served in a deep fried katori. Noodles were basic but the peanut sauce kept the adventure on.


-Course 6
Tortilla Romano: This was served with Crispy herbed french loaf. Black olive tortilla cooked in red pepper, sun dried tomatoes along with tomato puree, cream and cheese sauce. An overall a tangy affair.


-Course 7 and 8
Pahadi Panner Romani and Badshahi Nazakat: Pahadi Panner was a green gravy infused and cooked in a clay pot with creamy spinach and basil curry.

Badshahi Nazakat- Its a Lucknowi Korma Curry with fresh vegetable and with the richness in taste can be felt with your first bite. Served in deep fried katori.
This all was served with baby size assorted stuffed Kulchas and naans.


-Course 9
Hydrabadi Biryani and Salan: Milder, greener, and served warm along with Mirchi Salan. Biryani can be enhanced in terms of aromatic and in add up spice to get the perfect taste. Salan had big pieces of mild chillies which compliments with biryani.


-Course 10
Coffee Dumpling Tiramisu: Moulded Tiramisu stuffed with Indian Dumpling, similar to Rosogulla. Dusted with fresh coffee powder.


After the nice and yummy food we had a little chat with the owners and the chef and the idea behind coming up with the such an amazing fine dining experience for the pure veg clientele.


Føod: Awesomely yummy, they are very serious about it!!!

Service: Perfect is the word…

Staff: very well trained… well mannered… class apart.

Ambience: Warm and privacy is of utmost importance.

Value for money: worth spending.

Parking: Mall parking.


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Address: Classé – The Cooking CultureGround Floor, Mariplex Mall, Kalyani Nagar, Pune. 

Contact : +91-7016283144.

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